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Meh Graphics' Journal

This is my graphics journal. If you like any icons that you see go ahead and take them. But be sure to follow the rules. Also, when taking, comments are greatly appreciated. It helps me stay motivated to make more if I know that people actually like my work. Also, feel free to friend this journal or put it on watch.

You're welcome to use the icons posted here but you MUST give credit when using these icons. DO NOT claim them as your own.

No Direct-Linking
Upload all icons to your own server. Direct-linking sucks away my bandwith and makes icons unviewable for other users.

Do Not Edit Icons
NO EDITING. I worked hard on these icons. I made them this way, so keep them in their original form.

Take Only Icons Posted
You're free to use any icons posted in this journal, but all my other icons are off limits

It's not need, but it's greatly appreciated. Constructive critisim is greatly appreciated and it's nice to know that people actually my icons.